a boatload of COVID-19 resources for freelance writers

including some events happening today!

Hi writers,

I have a draft of a different newsletter that’s been ready for over a month. I was waiting for a “good” (read: normal) time to send it, but it seems like we might not be there for quite some time.

So, while I’ll send that one soon (it talks about finding story ideas, and includes advice from several fabulous journalists), I wanted to place a higher priority on resources right now.

I’ve been slowly collecting these from places like Twitter, Facebook, and Opportunities of the Week and Study Hall (both of which are worth subscribing to!). I hope you’ll find them helpful. Head’s up that some of the workshops below are very soon — like in an hour!

can you spare $10 for families in need?

But first, a request to check out a project I’ve been working on: #10Give10.

It’s a nationwide campaign based on one simple fact: If 10% of the Americans who received a stimulus check donated just $10, we’d raise $140 million overnight.

We’ve partnered with GiveDirectly to transfer the cash to low-income families in need, and we just launched today.

If you’re in a position to give, lovely; if you’re not, ZERO worries — I know many freelancers are having a tough time right now. Regardless, I’d greatly appreciate you spreading the word!

Here’s the link again: 10give10.org

BTW, if you do end up contributing, please tag me @susan_shain when sharing your donation on Twitter. I’ll give an additional $1 for every WTP reader who participates :)

financial resources

reporting resources

virtual events


If you are going to apply for assistance, do it ASAP. Several of the funds I was planning to include said they’re already closed to applications due to an overwhelming number of submissions.

other opps

  • My friend and mentor Alexis Grant is helping Marie Forleo expand her writing team, and has two copywriting positions available! (Remote with benefits!)

  • The South Asian Journalists Association (SAJA) is waiving membership fees for the rest of the year

  • I’m no fan of writing on spec, but I received this via email and thought I’d pass it along: And Lately, The Sun is calling for submissions until 6/30. “We want to see stories which thoughtfully investigate potential futures under our changing climate. This is an open call with no fee to submit. Accepted stories will attract a payment of either AUD$80 (standard payment) or AUD$500 (editor's choice).”


worth a listen

and a laugh

That’s all for now, folks. If there’s anything I can do to help — whether that’s send some grocery money or include your LinkedIn profile in the next newsletter — please let me know. I mean it.

And if you’re in a position to help, please consider participating in #10Give10!



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