Publications that pay $500 and up

And a new money guide for freelancers

Hi! You made it through the year 2020 and the year known as January. Congrats!

In an effort to get this newsletter out more regularly in 2021, I’m going to make it a little bit shorter. I’ll include one section on pitching (since that’s why you’re here, right?) and one section on everything else.

Since I’m no longer traveling anymore, I’m also revamping my personal newsletter as 12 Things. Each month, I’ll share 12ish things that I’ve been working on (stories, etc.) or obsessing over (podcasts, books) and probably a photo of my dog. See the end of this newsletter for a preview. Of the dog, that is.

And lastly, some fun news: Where to Pitch made it onto The Write Life’s 2021 list of the best websites for writers! Thanks to Farrah Daniel for including us.

On pitching

  • Loving this database of successful freelance pitches! Pay it forward and add one while you’re there.

  • Abby Lee Hood shares the pitch that got her into the NYT’s Opinion section (plus others).

  • Pitch Like a Honey Badger, an amazing writing course wherein I learned everything I know, has another session in April (with the original teacher; I had a different one). If the $240 price is out of your budget, they offer scholarships.

  • Rae Witte’s newsletter, Approved Pitches, includes, um, approved pitches, along with subject lines and rate$$$.

  • Lola Méndez is offering a freelance writing consultation service where she’ll help you improve your pitches, find editorial contacts, and whatever else you might need. If you can’t afford the $300 fee, she shares links to several hours of free advice.

  • 50+ pitching guides for NYT, NatGeo, Wired, WaPo, Bustle and more from Freelancing With Tim.

Struggling to stay on top of your freelance finances? Baffled by quarterly taxes? Then you need The Money Guide for Freelance Writers: How to Manage (and Feel Good About) Your Finances, which was written by my friend and mentor, Alexis Grant, the former executive editor of The Penny Hoarder, and her dad, who’s an accountant. These two know their stuff — and they don’t gloss over any of the technicalities. This guide covers everything from setting rates and maximizing profits to the ins and outs of LLCs, tax deductions, S-Corps, and retirement. Where to Pitch readers can get 20% off by using the code WHERETOPITCH.

On everything else

Just keep pitching!

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